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About Us

We are here to Advocate, Coach & Consult!

We offer you the professional expertise

of skilled educators, behavior analysts

and special education advocates.

We practice with compassion,

dedication and diligence. 

Mother and Son

Our Services


Advocacy Services

It's not always the litigation way, or no other way!

We offer a non-legal approach to special education advocacy, with the added benefit of a clinical perspective.  

  • Does your child qualify for Special Education and Related Services?

  • What's an IEP or a 504?


Academic Success Coaching

  • Is your smart student struggling due to difficulties with their organization, planning, and time management skills?

  • Are they easily distracted, overwhelmed and in need of one-on-one support to improve their  academic success? 

  • Our success coaching focuses on building executive function skills, how to manage their time, prioritize tasks, problem solve, increase self motivation, develop self monitoring habits and self-advocate.


Consulting Services

Is your professional team in need of a subject matter expert

on a case or for professional development?

Will your professional team benefit from training on behavior management skills? Are you a behavior analyst candidate in need of coaching/mentorship?

Boy Sitting on Grass
Until you have a kid with special needs you
have no idea of the depth of your strength,
tenacity and resourcefulness.

~ Anonymous
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